Tent Camping

What God has created needs to be discovered and enjoyed by us humans! There is such joy as a family to get away from the humdrum of life and be in the great outdoors! This is wonderful for children as well as adults to get away from the normal routine and enjoy God’s creation. So much to see and learn out there! Weekends and vacations spent camping will be good for the entire family. AND—tent camping is so inexpensive! Not like owning a huge RV! (of course, with a 2$million RV, you’re not really ‘roughing it’, are you”—so let’s speak in human terms here) The costs are the tent, sleeping bags, lantern, cooking stove, refrig, and food, of course. (don’t forget the food).

What a great way to unwind and see wonderful changes in your life! Doesn’t cost too much to leave the daily routine behind and enter into a brand new relaxing lifestyle. One that will energize you and give you new strength and peace!
There’s only one reason to finally plan your very first family camping trip… great bonding. I have friends who have been camping with their family for quite some time now and I see the good impact especially on the children. I hope ours will be something to treasure and something that will bring us much closer and intimate with each other—and closer to God.

And you have questions like these — What gear do I need to get? What food should I bring? How do I cook the food? What kind of wild animals could I run into? How do I pack? What sort of activities can I do while camping? How do I start a campfire? Even if you didn’t ask those questions, you the type that still wants the answers anyway, right? Well, if that’s you, you’re not alone. You’re among the few smart people who take the steps to find out how to make a camping trip enjoyable ahead of time.

Imagine this for a second…

You’re outdoors and surrounded by nature… you’re sitting with friends or family around a crackling campfire. You smell the fresh burning firewood, and hear tree sap sizzling and popping out. Up above, you see a night sky lit with bright stars… a shooting star perhaps. Just then, you realize sleeping in a tent outdoors is amazing. You feel alive listening to every sound outside at night. The whole trip comes together just as you pictured it. Everybody’s happy. Everything ran smooth because you went prepared, and because you knew what to do early on. Yes, you’re family is missing too much by not camping!